Winner of the SeriousFun Children's Network award for District Cinema Film Festival!

Written, Directed, edited and stared in by Erin Doran.

This short film is very close to me. Growing up with anxiety I found it very difficult for people to understand what it was like. To others, it wasn't seen as a valid excuse, and a lot of the times I felt very alone and blamed the condition on myself. The pain that anxiety can cause someone is so intense but most of the time, so unknown and silent. I went through a period in my life where I had a panic attack every single day and I had no one. No one understood the pain I was feeling and they didn't understand that I couldn't control it or that there doesn't always need to be a reason. Many people, my friends and even my boyfriend at the time would get mad at me when I would get anxiety and make me feel like I was ruining the fun or just being annoying. I created this film to hopefully help those who don't suffer from anxiety understand it a bit more and for those who suffer from it understand that they aren't alone.