I own a clothing business that actually started completely by accident. One day I was really bored and decided to hand paint one of my drawings onto a hoodie. One of my roommates saw this and wanted her own, so I made her one. I posted a picture on social media the next day and it blew up. Soon multiple people were asking for their own hoodies and designs. Due to popular demand I created an online store that has received orders from all around the world. I expanded from just hoodies to t-shirts, crewnecks, tank-tops and now customized bomber jackets. The appeal of the clothing is that they are handmade, and I can paint almost any design you want. It can be hard to find clothes that depict exactly what you want, and I can do that for people. I believe in taking passions and creating a living off of it and my clothing business is a prime example of this value.

Check out my online store here.