"In Bloom"

2017 American Visions Award Winner For Fine Art Photography/Documentary Series


I went through some really hard times this past year and a huge part of my healing process was drawing and poetry. Every one of these drawings features plants and flowers within them. I find major inspiration and comfort in the growth of plants, and compare them to how I have grown as a person, physically and mentally. I've always wanted to bring these drawings to life and finally had a chance. After shooting the self portrait series, I then decided to add my own spin by drawing on top of them with ink to connect deeper with the series and make them look even more like the drawings. This art is my entire heart and soul and something I will cherish my entire life. (Click next to on each set see the photo and drawing comparison.) 

"Taking Control"

I thought you cared for me,
But you said and did things meant to rip me in half.

But then I gained the power to no longer turn those words into a gun, 
And shoot myself.

"Tears as Fertilization" 

If only I had known, 
That my tears were actually fertilizing my soil,
and forcing me to bloom. 

Then maybe it wouldn't have been so scary...
If only I had known, 
That from sadness grew strength and flowers. 

The photos before I drew on them.

"Growth: A Series"

This series represents my journey this year.

First, struggling to find myself and hiding from my true being because I believed it was "unacceptable" or un-lovable. Refusing growth without even realizing it.

Then, breaking free of toxic people and places. Understanding I wasn't the problem, they were. Realizing I had so much more potential and gaining the strength and drive to go after it.

And now, I've grown so much. I'm learning to love myself again. My garden is reaching full bloom.

"Growing Together"

This photo represents how beautiful it is to me that I have people who support me in the darkest times in my life. Also, learning and understanding that growth together, is almost as important as growth on your own. Supporting one another instead of bringing each other down is so, so important.